Remote Presenter Pro

MedInform Group of Companies Is the only group in Russia that specializes exclusively in marketing healthcare products.

MedInform Group includes such agencies as:

MedInform Selling Solutions – outsourcing, organization of special events, personnel motivation
MedInform Media – media advertising
MedInform Digital – digital solutions for pharmaceutical companies
ZdravPunkt – creative and designer solutions for OTC and RX drugs
MedInform Academy – training of medical representatives

MedInform Group
was founded in 1997, becoming a pioneer in the Russian market of healthcare communication solutions.

TopSoft developed the "Remote Presenter Pro" mobile application that is used as a CRM and remote presentation maker tool used by medical representatives in the pharma sector. 
Remote Presenter Pro is a complex solution targeted for use by "filed workers" to remotely present medicine to doctors all around the country. The audio communication established right in the app and the rich media features allow this tool to fully cover the needs of media agencies.