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GoodCredit Universal Credit Organization CJSC (the Company) is actually a recently formed start-up. The Company is the successor of Avangard Invest UCO CJSC. Company targets to help entrepreneurs and small businesses from the different sectors of the economy to grow their businesses and to the individuals who want to improve their living standards by consuming better quality goods and services. Company  vision is to assist in building the world where limited access to finance and unbankability would be already obsolete. One of the medium - term goals of the Company is to become a significant player in the micro and consumer financing fields.

TopSoft performed code review and security audit for online platform. The main goal of the task was identifying the types of weaknesses/mistakes that may exist within a given code base. The performed tasks included both manual and automated review of the underlying source code and identifies specific issues that may be representative of broader classes of weakness/mistakes inherent in the code.

During the actual review, the team of TopSoft experts reviewed the application code for security problems, code problems and categorizes the findings based on the categories (e.g., authentication, code style, logging, etc.). Each finding was assigned a rating of High, Medium, Low, or Recommendation. That findings and the broader weakness classes that they represent were presented in final report that the development team can use as the foundation for improving the overall quality of the code base